Junk Your Boats Tampa Bay!

There are many reasons why you would sell your boat for cash but we’ve listed a few reasons that we most commonly hear:

  • Need emergency cash
  • Making room for a new boat
  • Recycle an old junk boat properly
  • Tired of paying for storage
  • Tired of paying for boat insurance
  • Tired of repairing the boat
  • Tired of mowing around the boat
  • Wife said to sell that old junk boat for cash

Now these might not be in order of frequency or importance, but all are reasons why boat owners in Tampa Bay have called us when they’ve needed to get cash for boats in Tampa Bay! We pay cash on the spot for boats. So when you need to junk a boat in St. Petersburg, Tampa or Thonotosassa the process is super easy. Just text a photo and/or info about your boat and we’ll respond. When you get an offer to buy your boat for cash on the spot, we tow it at no charge. We consider all types of boats but we pay top dollar for center console boats in Tampa Bay.

Give Cash for Junk Cars Tampa FL a call or text us today and junk your boat in Tampa Bay!

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We pay Top Dollar for Recreational Vehicles in Tampa Bay

Sometimes you need to sell a boat and sometimes it’s the RV!  If you live in Tampa Bay, if you have one, you might just have the other. The reasons differ somewhat for wanting to junk an RV in Tampa but we’ll list below a few reasons we most frequently hear:

Cash for Junk Cars, Boats, RV’s – Top rated, established Tampa Boat & RV Buyers

Cash for Junk Cars has been in business for a decade in Tampa Bay paying cash for RV’s, cash for boats, and cash for cars. Yes. These are true stories and reasons why people junk their vehicles, boats and RV– and trust us, we’ve heard them all!

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