Recycling Unwanted Vehicles, Campers & Watercraft in Tampa Bay

If you are wanting to junk a car, boat or RV for cash in Tampa Bay, you may not realize that you are also helping to keep our environment cleaner! For some people, recycling their old or unwanted auto’s, boats and campers is like recycling old newspapers or plastic. If you’re that person who wants to recycle or dispose of your old cars, RVs and watercraft , making some money is just an added bonus of responsible recycling when you call Cash for Junk Cars Tampa, FL.  Whether you need quick cash for your old, wrecked our unwanted car, or you need to recycle your old boats for cash or scrap an RV or camper in Tampa Bay, we pay cash on the spot–either way!

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Cash for Junk Cars Tampa FL is proud to help you recycle your old junkers responsibly and at no cost to you.

When we recycle your clunkers, we take the following steps to ensure that it is done correctly:

  • Remove, recycle or dispose of the tires properly
  • Remove and dispose/recycle the battery
  • All contaminants such as refrigerant, coolants, oils are drained, removed disposed of properly
  • Boats, cars and RV’s and Campers are also stripped down before crushing and shredding for material recovery
  • 80% of your vehicle is recycled

What Happens When You Leave old Rust Bucket to Waste Away in The Elements?

You may think a rusted out auto and an unsightly landscape is the only consequence to leaving an old, unwanted vehicle on your property– but it’s worse than that. When exposed to the elements, over time cars, trucks, boats and RVs that are left to age on your property can leak fuel and other contaminants. These toxins can make their way into the land and can further contaminate water sources. Nobody wants that!

Cash on the Spot and Recycle with Cash for Junk Cars Tampa FL

When searching to recycle your vehicle or for a Tampa / St. Petersburg Junk Car Buyer, be sure you call on a responsible company who will properly dispose of your automobiles, RV’s and boats. We take pride in Tampa Bay and in what we do. Helping Bay area communities understand the importance of the proper recycling of old vehicles, boats, and campers, is just one step we take for a cleaner Tampa Bay!

TEXT: 813-300-6100 to Recycle Your Clunkers in Tampa/ St. Petersburg

Simply call or text us a photo of the car, truck, boat, RV or camper that you would like to recycle, and we’ll give you a quote. Remember, when you accept our offer, we’ll tow it for free!